World’s First Autonomous Drone, The DJI Phantom 4, Revealed

Recently, the Irish Internet of Things chip maker Movidius, has won a multi-million dollar deal with Google, and it has been revealed as the brain behind the breakthrough autonomous drone, the DJI Phantom 4.

This autonomous drone, which went on sale in Apple Stores across the US last week, features a new visual guidance facet, which sticks to and follows a subject, and can stay in a fixed position without the need of a GPS signal.

Described as the first in the industry, the addition of Movidius chips technology and algorithms allows spatial computing and 3D depth sensing.

This gives the DJI Phantom 4 drone the capability to sense and avoid obstacles in real time, which means that it has more autonomous flight functions – along with improved awareness of flight space in air. Additional intelligence features include improved vision based on tracking modes and advanced mapping capabilities.

The Phantom 4 drone is understood to be the only visually intelligent drone available in the market which has the ability to see the world through six different sensors, and it can also sense obstacles.

This comes with included features such as Tap Fly — which would enable pilots to tap a spot on their display, which causes the drone to fly to that particular spot on its own. Active Track is also present, which would allow the pilot to track objects by using advanced image recognition algorithms.

In recent weeks, it materialized that Movidius’s internet of things chips will be the intelligence within an extremely powerful new VR headset which is being created by Google, and it will not need to be tethered to a PCs or the smartphone.

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