Why data encryption is so important

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In this post I explain why data encryption is so important. Also, I give you some hint how to protect your data and your connection. Data encryption is not just SSL in our server but how you connect to the internet and store your data.

Without a doubt, data encryption is the most recommended mechanism for anyone interested in data security. With encryption, you can secure data in transit, in a hard disc, or on a network. It ensures that your data is illegible to unauthorized third parties, thus guaranteeing data security and confidentiality.

What is data encryption? - Public key encryption keys - Why data encryption is so important
What is data encryption?

So, data encryption is defined as a security method used to encode data and uses encryption or security keys to make the data accessible. Also, commonly referred to as ciphertext, encrypted data appears scrambled or unreadable to anyone trying to read it besides the intended recipient.

Then, when you use encryption and reliable security key management methods, you can protect sensitive data from:

  • modification
  • theft
  • unauthorized disclosure
  • unauthorized access

This is why anyone interested in data safety should consider using data encryption as part of their data privacy protocol.

Ways that data can be encrypted

Account security

If you own an online account, you are at risk of exploitation and data loss. With data breaches becoming common, companies like Facebook, home depot, yahoo, Equifax, and target have experienced data loss from hacks, risking customer and company data.

The best way to encrypt your online accounts is to use strong passwords, 2FA, and a password manager. A password manager creates complex passwords for your accounts and stores the passwords safely. 2FA is a two-step verification protocol you can use for additional protection. With 2FA, anyone with your password will need a second code to access an account. This makes it harder for hackers to get to your data.

Using a VPN

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are some of the best services when it comes to encryption. If you spend most of your time on the internet, it is advisable to use a VPN to encrypt traffic from your device. A VPN ensures you can safely use a public Wi-Fi network. So, it creates a safety tunnel where all data exchange passes through.

Secure your devices

Whenever a malicious program gains access to your device, it can cause many system issues like unwarranted mining of cryptocurrencies and data leaks. The best way to protect your devices from malicious programs is by ensuring you always have an updated antivirus program. There are numerous options for windows, android, and iOS devices.

Antivirus software protects your data by protecting your device. If your device is inaccessible to hackers and malicious programs, it means that any data on your device is also protected. In addition, most devices support some of the best free encryption tools that can be used to encrypt all saved data. With these tools, any sensitive data is only accessible using a special security key.

Bottom line

When you fail to take the necessary measures to protect your data, you leave it exposed to hackers, data thieves, and third-party corporations. To ensure your data is safe, it is important to consider using the best device and data encryption methods, as highlighted in this article.  

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