MongoDb example

Simple example for MongoDB. Save and retrieve data from Azure Cosmos DB.

Create an Azure Cosmos Db as MongoDb

For creating a new MongoDb on Azure, search from the list of resources, Azure Cosmos Db. Then Add a new database and you see the following screen.

Add new CosmosDB


When you created a new MongoDb, you see an Overview where there are general information about how many queries the database did (split on insert, update, cancel, query, count, others).

Azure Overview

Under Connection String you have the connection to use in your application. In this project you insert in Program.cs the connection string in the variable called connectionString.


You can explorer all data in your Mongo database. Click on Data Explorer and you can see everything. Also, you can execute same queries.

Azure CosmosDb Data Explorer

You find an example application on my GitHub.

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