MongoDb example

Simple example for MongoDB. Save and retrieve data from Azure Cosmos DB.

Create an Azure Cosmos Db as MongoDb

For creating a new MongoDb on Azure, search from the list of resources, Azure Cosmos Db. Then Add a new database and you see the following screen.

Add new CosmosDB


When you created a new MongoDb, you see an Overview where there are general information about how many queries the database did (split on insert, update, cancel, query, count, others).

Azure Overview

Under Connection String you have the connection to use in your application. In this project you insert in Program.cs the connection string in the variable called connectionString.


You can explorer all data in your Mongo database. Click on Data Explorer and you can see everything. Also, you can execute same queries.

Azure CosmosDb Data Explorer

You find an example application on my GitHub.

WebRole and WorkerRole Templates in VS 2015

Download the Azure SDK for Visual Studio 2015 from here:

It should force you to close Visual Studio, but if it doesn't, do so anyways. Once it's installed, you can reboot it.

When you go to add a new project, you can look under Cloud and then choose Azure Cloud Service.


This will give you the same old familiar screen, where you can choose a Web Role or Worker Role:


Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer for OS X, Linux, and Windows (and it's free)


Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer (Preview) is a standalone app from Microsoft that allows you to easily work with Azure Storage data. The Preview release currently supports Azure Blobs only. Tables, queues, and files are coming soon.


  • Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows versions
  • Sign in to view your Storage Accounts – use your Org Account, Microsoft Account, 2FA, etc
  • Add Storage Accounts by account name and key, as well as custom endpoints
  • Add Storage Accounts for Azure China
  • Add blob containers with Shared Access Signatures (SAS) key
  • Local development storage (use storage emulator, Windows-only)
  • ARM and Classic resource support
  • Create and delete blobs, queues, or tables
  • Search for specific blobs, queues, or tables
  • Explore the contents of blob containers
  • View and navigate through directories
  • Upload, download, and delete blobs and folders
  • Open and view the contents text and picture blobs
  • View and edit blob properties and metadata
  • Generate SAS keys
  • Manage and create Stored Access Policies (SAP)
  • Search for blobs by prefix
  • Drag ‘n drop files to upload or download

Known Issues

  • Cannot view/take actions on Queues or Tables (coming soon!)
  • Linux install needs gcc version updated or upgraded – steps to upgrade are below:
    • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test
    • sudo apt-get update
    • sudo apt-get upgrade
    • sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
  • After reentering credentials, you may need to manually refresh Storage Explorer to show your Storage Accounts

Project Deco

Looking for the old open-source version? It's still available on GitHub!



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