Microsoft: new free Python programming language courses are for novice AI developers

Python programming language

Aspiring data-science and machine-learning developers now have more Microsoft-made free video tutorials to learn how to build software in Python, one of today’s most popular and versatile programming languages. 

The new More Python for Beginners series consists of 20 videos that run between two minutes and 15 minutes each. It covers working with files, lambdas or ‘anonymous functions’, and object-oriented programming, and each tutorial is followed by a short demo video. The tutors also introduce some newer functionality to support asynchronous development through async/await.

The new series are once again presented by Christopher Harrison, a senior program manager at Microsoft, and Susan Ibach, a business development manager from Microsoft’s AI Gaming unit. 

The second of the two new series, called Even More Python for Beginners: Data Tools, follows the same format and consists of 31 videos. 

It is possible to follow a course on Microsoft Learn.

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