Introducing the IIS Administration API

The IIS team has been working on a new RESTful API to manage your IIS configuration. While still under development, the team was eager to share a preview of the new API. The API allows configuration of IIS resources such as authorization rules, modules, and applications.


The API has been built with Hypertext Application Language (HAL) to allows APIs to have built-in discoverability. Starting at the root of the API, you can browse the entire API surface.

In addition to the API, the IIS team has also built an API explorer that makes it easy to browse the entire API surface.

Head on over to and use the access token OgMks6N7CtZTptX2DTnLe8JvkmATOuqw1ZJnZzK1RojeYs251Wlfvg to check out the API explorer.

If you want more information visit the IIS blog at  and watch that space as the IIS team continues to post updates.

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