Are Windows 10 Control Panel’s days numbered?

windows10 settings

Ever since the Windows 8 days, Microsoft has had two settings apps built into Windows. A modern Settings app, and a legacy settings app known as Control Panel. Microsoft has been slowly working to replace the legacy Control Panel with the modern Settings app on Windows 10, but as Windows Control Panel has been part of the OS for decades, transferring all those settings to the new app takes a lot of time. It’s been five years, and that process still isn’t done.

With that said, the latest Windows Insider builds of Windows 10 have feature IDs that make reference to hiding another key Control Panel area: the About System page, and making sure other areas that link to it are also removed. These feature IDs are HideSystemControlPanel, SystemControlPanelFileExplorerRedirect, and SystemControlPanelHotkeyRedirect. All these feature IDs are disabled in the latest public builds, but they do exist, suggesting that Microsoft is testing it internally.

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