Honeycode helps develop apps without code

Amazon Honeycode helps businesses develop apps without code

Amazon has announced Honeycode, a new tool which promises to help businesses develop mobile and web apps without code knowledge.

The new tool comes specifically from Amazon Web Services. Honeycode is designed to help their clients to craft interactive apps using a simple visual builder.

Amazon promises Honeycode will enable businesses to “create applications that range in complexity from a task-tracking application for a small team to a project management system that manages a complex workflow for multiple teams or departments.”

Example of table in Honeycode
Example of table in Honeycode

Users can build applications for up to 20 people for free. After that they’ll need to pay for each extra individual and the storage their apps use.

So, like similar no-code app builders, Honeycode comes with templates for common business applications like:

  • inventory managers
  • to-do lists
  • customer trackers
  • simple survey
  • and more

Amazon highlights that historically companies have had to rely on things like spreadsheets (shudder).

Honeycode: survey example
Honeycode: survey example

“Customers try to solve for the static nature of spreadsheets by emailing them back and forth. All of the emailing just compounds the inefficiency because email is slow, doesn’t scale, and introduces versioning and data syncing errors,” Amazon wrote in today’s announcement.

As a result, people often prefer having custom applications built. The demand for custom programming often outstrips developer capacity, creating a situation where teams either need to wait for developers to free up or have to hire expensive consultants to build applications.

Therefore, the apps can scale in complexity as required. Amazon says apps built using Honeycode can scale from a task-management solution for a small team, all the way up to a full-scale project management system which features a complex workflow including multiple departments.

If you want to try how Honeycode and how helps develop apps without code, you can start here.

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