New Xamarin Application Developed to Track and Manage COVID-19 in Real-time

Xamarin Application Developed to Track and Manage COVID-19 in Real-time

Volunteers re-engineer cancer treatment software to monitor coronavirus pandemic using Microsoft’s Xamarin mobile framework with Azure

Mobile Angel has released a new mobile application built on the Xamarin platform to manage potential and at-risk coronavirus patients in real-time.  The free application monitors patients in clinics across the country through self-reported symptoms and prioritizes them in a triage list based on fever and other symptoms. With built-in telemedicine features, clinic staff can directly monitor patients while reducing in-person visits and potential exposure. The application also aggregates reports across the country so clinics and public health professionals can see local and broad trends in near real-time.

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For the last few months, Mobile Angel’s team has been busy using Microsoft’s Xamarin framework to develop this free application for use in cancer care and oncology treatment. As volunteers, they’ve quickly re-engineered the mobile application to address the COVID-19 crisis through real-time, self-reported, and actionable data at the clinic level while adding value to patient care–but most importantly, from a distance!  

They were able to accomplish this very quickly using the Microsoft service offerings from Azure along with the Xamarin Forms development platform. With the Xamarin platform, the team was able to simplify the development process and build a single UI interface that will be used across all platforms. This allowed the team to focus on implementing a streamlined design and effective UI with the end-user in mind to create a positive user experience.

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