String to Hex – Hex to String Convert

You can convert a string to hex or vice-versa with this methods. Example for real world; You want set / get some data from URL, but if your data has some special chars (like ^$ %) it’ll be problem… In this case, you can use this methods and convert your data to hex.

public string ConvertStringToHex(string asciiString)
    string hex = "";
    foreach (char c in asciiString)
        int tmp = c;
        hex += String.Format("{0:x2}",
    return hex;

public string ConvertHexToString(string HexValue)
    string StrValue = "";
    while (HexValue.Length > 0)
        StrValue += System.Convert.ToChar(System.Convert.ToUInt32(
                        HexValue.Substring(0, 2), 16)).ToString();
        HexValue = HexValue.Substring(2, HexValue.Length - 2);
    return StrValue;


Happy coding!

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