Visual Studio 2015 RC Available Now

Microsoft announced the Release Candidate (RC) version of Visual Studio 2015. The Release Candidate version is very close to the final public release version.

Microsoft is now targeting every developer and every app by opening up its one of the best software development IDE, Visual Studi0 2015 to all for free, minus enterprise developers.

At Build, Microsoft announced a free version of Visual Studio IDE named Visual Studio Code for developers that supports development on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.

Visual Studio Community and Visual Studio Code, both are free.

Visual Studio Community

Visual Studio Community is a full-featured and extensible tool for developers building non-enterprise Web, Windows Desktop, and cross-platform iOS, Android, and Windows apps. This free version of the product is usually for open source projects, academic research, training, education and small professional teams.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code currently PREVIEW edition is free to build applications for any platform including Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows. Key features of Visual Studio Code include the following:

  • First-class support for building ASP.NET 5 and Node.js applications
  • A lightweight, fast, keyboard-centric tool
  • Support for all programming languages
  • Intelligent code authoring, understanding, and navigation help you be productive
  • Integrated debugging and Git support right at your fingertips

Visual Studio Professional and Enterprise

These two editions are for professional and enterprise developers. These products allow end-to-end solution for development teams to build enterprise level applications including team management, issue tracking, version control, documentation, load testing, powerful advanced Intellisense and IntelliTest capabilities, deployment, code map and several other features to make complex application developers lives easier.

Check out more details about Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 here > 

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